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Why Orgnaic?

Why Organic Skin Care Products are Better for You

You have probably come across the term organic being associated with skin care products. If you’re unfamiliar with what that means and why it’s important, then this article is for you. The word organic itself means naturally occurring or being derived from naturally occurring or living matter. Organic skin care, therefore, means using skin products made from plant based components as well as other natural elements. These components often come with an organic certification ensuring that they were grown without the use of chemicals, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers, among other harmful substances.

Why Organic Skin Care?

While the industry giants in skin care products spend huge amounts of money on advertising to convince you that their synthetic formulas will work wonders for your skin, most of the time, this is not the case. Organic skin care products are better than others for two reasons.

  1. 1.     They are More Suitable for You

Yes, organic skincare products are better for both you and your skin. Although small companies manufacturing such organic skin care products may not have the resources to make a name for themselves using advertisements, they are certainly worth looking into. Other popular products may claim to be great for your skin and show promising results, but they can prove to be harmful in the long run.

  1. 2.     They Work Better

So, organic products are better for your skin, but that does that mean that they compromise on performance or effectiveness, or provide little value for money, making you regret your purchase? Certainly not. Our skin has the ability to mend and take care of itself, provided we supply it with the right nutrients and ingredients. Natural skin care products do just that. They work on and with your skin to produce amazing results without any of the adverse side effects associated with non-organic and unnatural skin care products.

Avoiding Products with Harmful Ingredients

Johnson & Johnson recently faced a lawsuit resulting in the payment of $72M to the family of a woman who claimed that she developed ovarian cancer due to her use of the company’s Baby Powder for feminine hygiene purposes. This isn’t the only case in which harmful ingredients in a beauty or skin care product from a well-known and well-reputed company has resulted in cancer for the user.

A 2004 study found the presence of parabens, which are found in almost all drugstore skin care products, in 18 of 20 human breast tissue samples. Another research concludes that nearly 20% of all skin care products include at least one chemical that is linked to cancer.

As the number and types of illnesses and diseases continue to rise, studies show that there is a connection between these diseases and the chemicals we are exposed to. It is important for us to realize the need for reducing our exposure to synthetic chemicals. It has been medically proven that anything we put on the skin is absorbed into our bloodstream and adversely affects various parts of our entire body. This goes to show that we should be as careful about what we put on our bodies as we are about what we eat and drink. In such a situation, organic skin care certainly sounds like the answer.